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2024年1月20日 : : ミネラル醗酵ドリンク

2021On June 19. : : Olympic welcome banners were installed at Fukuroi Station and Aino Station
Today, we installed the banner of the Olympic Ireland team at Fukuroi Station and Aino Station. At the Rugby World Cup ....
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2019October 17 - : : The signboard of "One Rest Place Tsukusi", a coffee shop boasting Kawane charcoal grilled coffee in Ominezaki City, has been renewed.
Horsetail = It is a store that "serves people" so that customers can be happy.

New fashion goods are also in stock every month.
It's a fun shop!!

2019年1月24日 : : 2019The fiscal year has started. This year is a special year for our company, so I decorated Kadomatsu.
It has been 30 years since sign mart was born this year.❗️❗️
I was able to decorate a wonderful kadomatsu.


2018年11月28日 : : This is a video of their visit to Fukuroi City on November 27, 2018.
It is a video when I leave Kondo Memorial Hall in Fukuroi City and go to Hamamatsu City.

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