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2021年6月19日 : : 袋井駅と愛野駅にオリンピック歓迎バナーを設置しました
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2019年10月17日 : : The signboard of "One Rest Place Tsukusi", a coffee shop boasting Kawane charcoal grilled coffee in Ominezaki City, has been renewed.


2019年1月24日 : : 2019The fiscal year has started. This year is a special year for our company, so I decorated Kadomatsu.
It has been 30 years since sign mart was born this year.❗️❗️
I was able to decorate a wonderful kadomatsu.


201811 / 28. : : This is a video of their visit to Fukuroi City on November 27, 2018.
It is a video when I leave Kondo Memorial Hall in Fukuroi City and go to Hamamatsu City.

2018年11月27日 : : 11On May 27, their Majesties visited Fukuroi City and were welcomed by the citizens.


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